2024 Foals

JCM Paddys Docline x Bartendin CherryBuck

2024 Sorrel Filly, “Pumpkin”

A big boned filly with a lot of frame to fill out, this will be the kind of horse to last in any discipline. Pumpkin has been good minded and easy to imprint and work with, and every day she’s shaping up better and better.

Must Be A Pepto x Gallo Watch

2024 Red Roan (Possible grey) Filly, “Poppy”

Must Be A Pepto is a stud horse with flash, style, and ability, and he’s passed it on to this good looking filly. Shapey in all the right places, and has been sensible to be around. This mare is raising a heck of a filly.

JCM Paddys Docline x Lil Buck Gallo

2024 Palomino Filly, “Biscuit”

One of the bigger fillies this year, and shaping up quickly. Biscuit has all the good things going for her!

JCM Paddys Docline x Miss Nu Bucks

2024 Palomino Colt, “Jr”

This is a cross we have had before, and it’s proving to be another great minded foal. Jr is the kind of colt we see successful anywhere.

JCM Paddys Docline x Miss Pauline

2024 Sorrel Colt, “Mesa”

A flashy sorrel colt, he’s been fun to watch come into his own. Mesa has been sweet and curious, and we’ve enjoying watching him grow.

JCM Paddys Docline x One Nic At A Time

2024 Sorrel Filly (possibly grey)

The first one to meet you in the pasture, this filly should be easy enough to work with and take any direction.

JCM Paddys Docline x Red Joe Missy

2024 Bay Filly, “Metallica”

The first foal born this year, and shaping up fast into a great prospect!

JCM Paddys Docline x Roosters SugarNSpice

2024 Palomino Filly, “Bella”

Short coupled and quick footed, this is a flashy filly that will get you noticed in any discipline.

JCM Paddys Docline x Teggy Gallo

2024 Bay Filly, “Shiraz”

A chromed up filly with a good disposition, this is a prospect that should have the shape and the athleticism to go in any direction.