Driften Arikara

2010 AQHA Red Roan Mare, “Prima

“Prima” is a gorgeous little red roan mare and is an eye catcher in real life and on paper.  Her bloodlines include Pat Cowan, Sun Frost, and Driftwood.  Prima is owned by a couple in England, Mike and Helen, who graciously agreed to let Prima be a part of Rafter 54. She was born and raised at Rainbow Trout Ranch, and having grown up in the mountains, she has seen it all.  Prima is as sure footed as a mountain goat, and is the kind you can ride alone or take on trail rides with large groups – she’s always the same and is a wrangler favorite.  The foals of this catty, quick, sporty, and athletic little mare are sure to produce a very fun ride.

This mare is bred for a 2023 foal to JCM Paddys Docline, and this is going to be a good looking foal this coming year!

2022 Palomino Colt, “Platoro”

At just days old the good mind on this young foal is already evident! We can’t wait to see him develop. Four perfect socks and a star, he’s going to be an eye-catcher.